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The Forecourt Trader

Recently we were asked for our expertise on gizmos and gadgets by the Forecourt Trader. We were delighted to see a full 3 pages in this months edition, with a focus on technology and mobile phone accessories.

Asiffa Gadatra, joint owner of Spot Promotions and Object Products, shares her views on this exciting growing market within our recent blog…

Mobile Accessories Industry

“As gadgets span across various categories, it is always challenging to get hard data on the total market place. One things for certain though, our sales of electronic gadgets at Spot Promotions are growing by double digits year on year, and we suspect this to be the case with other manufacturers and brands too. It is a growing market place and the good forecourts are capitalising on this growth.”

Key Trends

Asiffa continues “the UK is now a smart phone society. We are seeing very strong growth in the Type C mobile phone charging cable due to the increased popularity of Huawei (due to their advanced multi camera amongst other features) and we envisage this to continue. Wireless charging is also an area of growth, with consumers looking at different, more convenient ways to charge their phones.”

The team at Spot Promotions always stay up to date with what is happening in the technology industry. Latest research from Deloitte undertaken in 2017/2018 shows that the ownership of ‘wearables’ has risen fast compared to other devices. Asiffa shares that this growth is reflected in their sales of smart watches and health and fitness accessories, such as the Object Fitness Tracker for£19.99 and the Object Smarts Sports Bracelet for £12.99 – both affordable items for everyday wear.

Gaming is obviously an area of huge growth, with the UK hosting a nation of a reported 37m gamers (according to the British Film Institute) and the increased creation of games such as Fortnite contributing heavily to the growth.

New Products

Spot Promotions are just launching the Object 3 in 1 Pro Gaming Set which is out soon to capitalise on this growth. It is retailing at a very accessible price point of £15.99. It includes a headset with mic, colour changing mouse and mouse pad using the latest technology to create an affordable gaming set for forecourt consumers.

Asiffa concludes…

“In our opinion, forecourts need to stock a variety of electronic gadgets, the key ones should be mobile accessories (75%), wearables (15%) and gaming (10%), with % shelf presence split shown accordingly.

We are really proud of our products in this category, which are good quality and excellent value for money, opening up electronic gadgets and wearable technology market to everyone who visits a forecourt. We are excited about our new innovations and ideas and are looking to expand and further develop this growing market.”

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